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The one and only wine paired trail mix

For wine lovers, wine is a big part of everyday life.
From appreciating long time friends...
to meeting and making new friends
to hanging out with best friends
or becoming even better friends
planning the perfect ending to the perfect day
and of course, celebrating special events and holidays
Other than friends and family, the only thing that pairs better with wine
are Tipsy Mix wine-paired trail mixes
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Did you know that what you pair with your wine affects how your wine tastes?

If you didn’t like a particular wine, it’s possible that is due to what you ate just before drinking it.

We urge you to try that wine again with Tipsy Mix and see if you don’t taste the difference.

(and other fish)
Blue cheese
(and other pungent cheeses)
Brussel sprouts, onions, and peppers
Pepperoni pizza
(with sliced boiled eggs, no less!)
Any spicy foods
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In a nutshell, here’s how we sum up our wine-paired trail mixes!


Easy to pair the right snack blend with the right wine.  Compatible wines are listed right on the front of each package.


Believe it or not, we only use all-natural fresh ingredients! Some of our snacks look so decadent, they can’t possibly be all natural ingredients, but they are!


Just open and enjoy. Our brands are designed to go with whatever wine you like.


We source high quality ingredients, such as Macadamia nuts, and choose only whole and half nuts, not nut pieces.


We do something a little unexpected, something fun, and a little unorthodox.  We coat our plump, seedless raisins with all-natural fruit powders so you get the tang of the raisin and an amazing fruity surprise.


We take great care to create unique flavor blends that truly pair with the traditional expectations of wine varietals.   We know what you pair with an oaked Chard is very, very different than an unoaked citrusy Chardonnay.


A special treat to celebrate the small wins (Yay, you fit into your favorites jeans this morning!) and the big wins (you got a promotion and a raise!). Woohoo!  Let’s toast to your success!


Giving a dear friend a gift bag of their favorite wine and a bag of perfectly paired snacks is sure to make the event special and memorable. (It’s also a subtle hint to let’s crack open that wine and snacks and enjoy it now!)

Our Story

Tipsy Mix began in February 2024, in the small town of Fredericksburg, Texas — best known as the center of Texas wine country — with it’s 100+ wineries dotting State Highway 290 (a.k.a. Wine Road) heading in, wine bars lined up on both sides of Main Street, and then more wineries along State Highway 16 heading north out of town.

Our story starts with our founder — a weekday wine-drinker — who had a “winegazm” one night while sipping a merlot and snacking on a dark chocolate candy bar. She had never before tasted the jaw-dropping joy of such a perfect wine pairing.

Like most wine lovers, she was very familiar with the term wine-pairing. However, she, like all of her family and friends, only paired wine with dinner — not necessarily appetizers, desserts, or the regular Monday night merlot. Whatever snack was readily available in the pantry always sufficed to serve with the night’s wine.

The problem:  Jars or cans of mixed nuts are not designed to pair with wine.

  • Peanuts – Great with Champagne and some pinot noirs, but they mostly make red wines taste bitter.
  • Pistachios – Great with citrusy or light, dry, or sparkling white wines, but not with red wines.
  • Pecans – Great with a pinot noir or merlot, but not with white wines.
  • Almonds – Great with Champagne or sparkling wine, but will make red wines taste bitter.
  • Cashews – Great with pinot gris/pinot grigio, or sauvignon blanc, but not with pinot noir or other red wines.
  • Brazil nuts – Great with merlot, but not with rosé or white wines.
  • Walnuts – Great with pinot noir, but not with rosé or white wines.
  • Hazelnuts – Great with a crisp chardonnay, but not with rosé.
  • Macadamia nuts – Great with Champagne, viognier, or Syrah/shiraz, but not with big bold red wines.
  • Smoked or toasted nuts – Great with pinot noir and medium-bodied red wines, but not with citrusy white wines.

Pair the wrong nuts with your wine and it’s likely you’ll be disappointed and blame the wine.  For example, I love pistachios, and I love red wine, but snacking on pistachios with my red wine…  tastes terrible.

The answer: Tipsy Mix has done all the homework, pairing, and shopping for you.  We made it affordable and convenient to easily pair the best tasting, all natural snacks with your favorite wine.  All you have to do is decide which wine you like, pluck a fresh bag of Tipsy Mix from the shelf, and enjoy the taste of an amazing food and wine pairing.  Don’t let those canned corporate nuts keep you from enjoying your wine.

Andrea, Founder – Cheers!

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