08 10 Wines You Can Feel Good About Drinking
10 Wines You Can Feel Good About Drinking

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but wine is not healthy. It’s not a health food, it’s an alcoholic beverage. But we can enjoy wines on the spectrum of wellness and mindfully fit wine into our lives and be conscious of what we put in our bodies. This article describes what organic, biodynamic, and non-alcoholic wines are all about.

Organic Wines

Domaine Bousquet is a great organic wine.Bonterra Organic Estates wineThere is a distinction between organic wines and wines made with organic grapes. Organic wines utilize grapes that include no manmade fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, or GMO ingredients. With these wines, some sulfur additions are allowed.  The key is to note that sulfur is naturally occurring in wine, so there is no such thing as “sulfite-free” wine.

With organic wines, all ingredients/additives must be certified organic. Wines that tout they are “made with organic grapes” are less stringent, as the grapes must be certified organic, but any additional ingredients/additives do not have to be organic.

One common misconception is organic wines taste different than conventional wines. As a general rule, that is not the case. Wines all taste different. Whether or not they are organic is not a factor. Organic wines are good for you and good for the planet – an A+ in my book! Examples of great organic wine brands include Domaine Bousquet, Benziger Family Winery, and Bonterra Organic Estates.

Biodynamic Wines

Domaine Bousquet Biodynamic WineTablas Creek Biodynamic WineTroon Vineyards Biodynamic WineBiodynamics is an agricultural philosophy where a vineyard is a living organism meant to be maintained in a “closed” system with no inputs or outputs. This means no additives or outside treatments of any kind. With biodynamics the seasonal rhythmic cosmic cycles are considered and herbal preparations are used instead of additives, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. These herbs include yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, dandelion, and valerian. A very strong connection to the earth is maintained, and biodiversity is key. Like organics, biodynamics is good for you and for the planet. Some great biodynamic wine brands include Troon Vineyard, Tablas Creek, and Domaine Bousquet.

Non-Alcoholic Wines

Fre Non-Alcoholic Wines Giesen Nonallcohol wineKally Verjus, non-alcoholic wineCodorníu Zero non alcoholic wineThis category of wines has surely evolved. If you have not had a non-alcoholic wine in the last few years, I recommend you give it a try. The quality of non-alc wines on the shelves has significantly improved. They used to be cloyingly sweet, similar to fruit juice. The process of dealcoholizing wines has improved and now we have non-alc wines that are dry (no sweetness) and that have similar aromas and flavors of wine.

Moderation is a much larger conversation now when discussing alcohol consumption. There could be any reason why you’re moderating your consumption, non-alc wines are a great way to still feel fun, social, and fancy, without the effects of alcohol.  Some great non-alcoholic wine brands include Codorníu Zero, Kally Verjus, Giesen, and Fre.

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